iOscar (iOscar Token, Digital Pass in mineral industry) is a tool based on open source blockchain technology and also a decentralized cryptocurrency that represents digital mineral assets. Through iOscar blockchain, asset owners and project operators can maintain a healthy cash flow which helps accelerate the development of the project; investors can experience the process of ones’ investment; and consumers can share the full knowledge of each step of production and participate the problem - solving issues during market circulation of the products.

iOscar is not merely a symbol of assets, but a tool of marketing, teambuilding, and business management. What is important is that it allows people from all walks of life to participate and helps promote the sustainable growth of the mineral industry. As a result, it will eventually benefit everyone who have involved.

iOscar's Core Values

iOscar's Core Values

For mineral owners, iOscar excels at reducing the operation and development cost and saving time. For customers, iOscar enables global participants to access more valuable and transparent information, such as cost performance, authentic documentations, and asset status, which can help customers make decisions promptly. In addition, iOscar provides higher liquidity for mineral assets.



  • 2018 Q4

    Set up iOscar CHAIN

    Launch iOscar project

    Set up and successfully run the official website of iOscar.io

    Complete the smart contract

    Presell iOscar Token (OSC) to strategic partners

  • 2019 Q1

    Release DAPP V1

    iOscar’s platform for gold mining data goes online runs

    Map, sample, mine, and analyze iOscar’s main mine E47/1379 and north mine E47/1378 Test data

    Establish the Australian operation center

  • 2019 Q2-Q4

    Start field trips and monitor mining activities on the Blockchain

    Release protocol of communication Blockchain access

    Release protocol of identity verification

    Prospect gold mine, surface sample, establish goal of mining, drill, anal

  • 2020 Q1-Q4

    Release DAPP V2, iOscar’s platform for managing gold mining data

    Establish DAPP store

    Cluster-operate DAPP

    Release the integrated development environment

    Release data of gold mines in iOscar’s main mine E47/1379 and north mine E

  • 2021 Q1-Q4

    Seek high-quality potential mineral projects through acquisition or joint venture

    Aim to make Oscar Resources Limited one of the biggest developers of gold mines in the world


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